Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

The mission of ParamCARE foundation is to build ‘Healthy America’ in which all the citizens, irrespective of their background, heritage, socioeconomic status, current state of disease or wellbeing should live healthier, happier, active, longer lives with enhanced cultural and social values for the wellness of societies and the country.

ParamCARE Foundation promotes strategies and activities to enhance the health quality and literacy in communities in a culturally sensitive manner. We outreach the people through educational & awareness seminars for healthy life style, chronic disease and cancer awareness and prevention, holistic approach for healthy life etc.

We have supported ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar” to raise awareness regarding breast health, breast cancer and importance of early screening mammogram, at 200 Middlesex Essex Tpk. Iselin, on March 15, 2018.

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