Param CARE Foundation strongly believes that total health of each and every citizen is the true reflection of community, state and the country Param CARE Foundation is committed for Care & Contribution for the Health & Wellness of Community Since establishments; our mission is to work for community by working with communities for wellbeing of the people, physically, mentally and socially.

We promote strategies and activities to raise awareness and to enhance the health quality and literacy on health maintenance and disease prevention, in a culturally sensitive manner. We outreach the people through our educational & awareness seminars on health & healthy life style, workshops for awareness & screening for Breast cancer, Colo-rectal cancer, Skin cancer, and Prostate cancer etc. Chronic diseases, Obesity, Metabolic disorders and Healthy diet, Yoga and Alternative therapies for healthy living etc.

We outreach the people who are uninsured, under insured, recent immigrants and underserved or people who had difficulties in obtaining healthcare because of social, cultural, linguistic or economic problems. ParamCARE Foundation, also, publishes News Letters, Webinars and spread messages related to the health, diseases and healthy life styles, in social and electronic media.

The Vision of the ParamCARE Foundation is to work toward an America in which all the citizens, irrespective of their background, heritage, and socioeconomic status, must live healthier, happier, active and longer lives, with the enhanced cultural and social values for wellness of societies and then by our country. One of the goal of our foundation is to promote and work for the healthy behavior among population through social learning to get closer to each other to build a healthier community and country.

Param CARE Foundation participates and promotes cancer; health & wellness awareness related events, fairs and cultural programs organized by any community based foundations, state or federal governments’ agencies. For the upliftment of the needy person we provide job opportunities and placement services.

Param CARE Foundation promotes and provides various vocational educational training programs in Health and IT fields through which person of any age and community can get respectable job in the field of health and IT industries. Param CARE Foundation, also provide scholarships to the needy students with outstanding performance in any educational field.

Growth of any Nation depends upon the productivity which is directly related to the health quality of the citizen. Health of the people can be ensured by providing the equal opportunity to live in healthy environments, healthy life styles and by the best quality health care.

We conduct various qualitative & data analysis research health programs, such as mammogram screening, and breast cancer examination, colorectal cancer screening, healthy eating and diabetes, yoga and wellness program, chronic disease self-management program, child obesity, stress management and healthy living, cancer screening and prevention programs, in partnership with the NJ Department of Health, local major health care organizations, focus groups and local hospitals to generate research database needed to understand the future requirements of the communities, for better and healthier future.