09 Jun

Free Webinar Series

Param Care Foundation is the US based IRS 501 (c) (3) certified non-profit organization with vision to provide optimum level of holistic health and wellness solution across the globe conducts the ‘Webinar on Holistic Approach And Life Style’

Human body is just not physical body but has mind, intelligence, emotion, instinct, intuition. The word ‘Holistic’ is originated from word ‘Holism’ means living organism is considered as ‘Whole” structure and not mere sum of elementary parts. Term ‘Holistic Approach’ is used in alternative medicine for philosophical approach to health care in which comprehensive or entire patient’s physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual needs, effects of illness and his or her response to illness is evaluated and treated. While today’s medical world believes in ‘Specialization’ where each system specialist treat diseases pertaining to that system only.

The therapeutic possibilities of herbal medicine in the hands of skilled professionals become most exciting when herbs are used to augment and nurture that which is “well.” The herbs can provide deep toning; nutritional and functional support that particularly help the body in times of formidable change.


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