Clifton Picnic

Annual Summer Picnic @ Clifton

ParamCARE Foundation is IRS 501 (c) (3) certified, non-profit organization. It is well-known for its outreach activities for health, education and cultural activities in New Jersey. Our dedicated, diligent and highly experienced team always work with the communities for the well-being of the people, physically, mentally and socially. We promote strategies and activities to raise awareness on healthy behavior among the population, through social learning and thereby get closer to build a healthier community and country.

ParamCARE Foundation conducts and or supports holistic healthcare related educational workshops, senior health care, and yoga, home health care for seniors and other vocational healthcare education promotional activities. To raise awareness and facilitate cultural value based outreach activities, we have built strong community partnerships with health care providers, senior associations, nonprofit organizations, community centers, and places of worships.

We sponsored 3rd Annual Summer Picnic at Garett Mountain Park, 8 Mountain Ave, Woodland Park, NJ 07424 on July 15, 2018, organized by The Indo-American Seniors Association of Clifton.

Mr. William Gibson-Councilman, City of Clifton, Bharat Rana, Champak Balsara, Harish Sanghvi, Jayesh Gandhi, Chinu Shah and Vishnu Patel explained the importance of social gatherings for the wellness of the community. Mr. Bharat Rana praised the activities of the ParamCARE Foundation and thanked Mr. Vipul Amin for his non-stop contributions for the wellness of societies. He also mentioned about the facilities available for seniors at Param Adult Day Care Centers. He also thanked the people for making the event successful.

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