Key Facts:

Arthritis is derived from Greek word “Arthro” means joint and ‘Itis’ means inflammation. It is characterized by pain and stiffness of one or more joints, typically worsen with the age.

*The first description of rheumatoid arthritis was mentioned, in 1800, by French Physician Dr. Augustin Jacob Landre-Beuvais in Paris.

*Arthritis is predominantly a disease of old persons but children can also be affected. More than 70% of the individuals of age 65 and above are affected by arthritis.

*Arthritis is more common in women (26%) than in men (19%), according to CDC, out of total number of patients, 60% are women at any age.

*According to the survey of CDC, based on 2010-2012 estimated 52.5 million (22.7%) that is 1 in 5 adults have arthritis.

* About 23% overweight & 31% obese adults have arthritis.

* About 294000 children under the age of 18 years, are suffering from arthritis or rheumatic condition.

*Arthritis is the # 1 cause of disability in USA, about 22.7 million (9.8%) have arthritis or Arthritis Attributable Activity Limitations (AAAL).

*About 20 million individuals have limitations in their daily routine activity on daily basis.

* It is estimated that about $ 100 billion (About 50%) earnings are lost every year.

* About 1 million hospitalization & about 45 million out patient’s visits to health care center visits are due to arthritis or its related complaints.

*As per NHIS projection about 78 million (26%) adults may have doctor diagnosed arthritis by 2040.

*About 35 million (44%) may report for arthritis attributable activity limitations by 2040

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