Happy and Healthy Winter

Happy and Healthy Winter

We are half way through November and the vivid nip in the air has set the stage for a full blown cold winter season soon.

While winter is evidently loved by many, the cold weather can also take a toll on your health. Cold, fever, flu, asthma, body ache, stiffness and all sorts of infections are some of the problems people face in winter. Of course, there are numerous ways to treat them or cure them, but why wait for the problem when it can easily be avoided?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, following tips helps to remain healthy and enjoy the winter season to the fullest.


Always keep a hand sanitizer handy whether you are at home or not. With so many infections in the air, you’ll need to maintain your hygiene and avoid contact with infected people and places like public restrooms, etc.

Strengthen immune system:

Nutritious food is always a lifesaver. Consume foods, fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients, vitamin C and zinc content like citrus fruits, garlic, etc., strengthen immune system in order to fight diseases.

Sweat it out:

Generally, food intake increases in winters than any other time of the year. Winter exercises not only help to remain healthy, but also improve metabolism, maintain body weight, and increased blood flow helps in winter dryness related skin problems, while also keeping body warm. Keep yourself well hydrated.

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