Chronic Disease Self Management Program Community Workshop

ParamCARE Foundation hosted an awareness session on 1/26/14 at its facility in Iselin to inform about and also enroll participants for the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Community Workshop it will be hosting and be provided by The Middlesex County Office of Health Services from the first week of February, every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

The workshop created by Stanford University and sponsored by NJ Department of Human Services, is intended for people with any ongoing or long term health condition or their care givers to help them learn 1) to manage their symptoms, 2) to get started with healthy eating and exercise, 3) to communicate effectively with healthcare providers, 4) to manage fear, anger and frustration and 5) to make daily tasks easier.
Chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and mental illness being a big burden in the community, our organization understands the need for workshops like these which will improve self-management skills among the people with long term health issues and thereby reduce morbidity and mortality related to them.
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program – Community Workshop
ParamCARE Foundation organized the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for South Asians in partnership with the Middlesex County Office of Health Services, every Tuesday from February 4th to March 11th, 2014. The workshop was attended by individuals who actually had one or more chronic diseases or their care givers.
The participants were educated on management of Nutrition, physical activity, medications, and strategies for problem solving, making action plans that are feasible, decision making, and effective communication with health care providers and also about evaluation of treatment, all based on Stanford model of Chronic Disease Self-management Program.

The workshop attendees were highly enthusiastic about participating in the workshop and interacting with the leaders. They were very appreciative of the fact that the program has made a lot of difference in their life style for the good and that they are interested in propagating the information they learnt to others in the community.

Our organization intends to continue providing such workshops in the future specially keeping in mind the need to language, educational level and culturally appropriate programs that will help us reach out to the majority of the community.

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