Cultural Event

Cultural Event

Since establishments, the mission of the Param CARE Foundation is to work for communities by working with communities for wellbeing of the people, physically, mentally and socially. The team at Param CARE believes and works with the total Devotion, Dedication, Diligence and Do better than Describe. We promote strategies and activities to raise cultural awareness in the community in a culturally sensitive manner. Healthy behavior among population, through social learning, and thereby get closer to build a healthier community and country is one of the goal of our foundation.

New Jersey is the densely populated with about 30% of the population speaking other than English language at home because of diversity of population. To spread our mission, we had organized cultural event with very very famous writer & speaker Ms. Kajal Oza Vaidya at Param Adult Day Care Center, Morris plain, NJ. On June 13, 2017 Mr. Prashant Vaidya- Asst. Director, welcomed the Guest Speaker & audience and explained about the importance of cultural program, native Gujarati language and contribution of Ms. Kajal Oza Vaidya.

Vast numbers of seniors were present and enjoyed an event. They thanked Param Care Foundation for organizing an encouraging event in native (Gujarati) language, in America. Mr. Vipul Amin-President of Param Care Foundation thanked the Guest Speaker and audience with amazing concluding speech.

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